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SB Organics offers a comprehensive Permaculture, Landscape, Agriculture Design and Consultation Service Based in Santa Barbara, CA

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  • "Loren helped me manage my small farm for a few years. With his help, we put new practices in place that increased our water efficiency and financial situation. His services are especially helpful during this time of drought."

    Jan S

  • "I would recommend Santa Barbara Organics to everyone. Loren is really knowledgeable about best land use practices. I was able to really improve the output of my land with his help."

    Greg F

  • "Loren did such an amazing job designing and planting an edible food forest on my property! I’m so happy that every season, I get fresh produce and herbs!"

    Jess C


Our goal is to provide design and consultation that fits the needs for our clients and their property – whether it be a residential home or a large farm.


We create landscapes that produce abundant food as a byproduct of ecosystem restoration. By working with natural patterns including water flow and microclimates we can design hyper resilient landscapes that withstand extremes in weather and climate, and mitigate storms and droughts.

Water and food are two of the most basic needs for humans and animals. We design for both of these first- recycling greywater, maximizing rainwater infiltration through soil building practices, and using earthworks to harvest rainwater and planting abundant food systems around these collection points.

Our commitment to sustainable landscaping is genuine and unsurpassed. At SB Organics, we present a multifaceted solution for many of today’s environmental problems.

  • Permaculture Design: Farm, Ranch, Retreat, Residential, Commercial
  • Earthworks: swales, terraces, roads
  • Water systems: irrigation, rainwater, grey-water, aquaculture/aquaponics
  • Plantings: edible, ornamental, and drought tolerant
  • Hardscaping: stone walls, decks, fences, ponds
  • Composting Systems: food, yard, human, animal waste
  • Keyline® Design: broadscale rainwater catchment
  • Holistic Management®: livestock and grazing systems
  • Honey Bees and Pollinator Systems
  • Plant pathology and IPM
  • Poultry Systems


Our designs incorporate the use of edible varieties whenever suitable.  We also offer complete native and drought tolerant planting options.  We always design for diversity and aesthetics.

We also offer ISA Certified Arborist services, including Tree Health Inspections and pruning.

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ISA Certified Arborist

# WE 7805 A

Certified Permaculture Design

Permaculture Tip of the Day

Applying Permaculture Principles to Your Garden

Permaculture Designer and Teacher Loren Luyendyk talks about the Permaculture principles of Relative Location and Efficient Energy Planning -Zone Planning as it relates to your home garden.

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