Going Beyond Sustainability

Regenerative Design Services, Management & Consultation

Our goal is to provide design and consultation that fits the needs for our clients and their property – whether it be a residential home or a large farm.


We create landscapes that produce abundant food as a byproduct of ecosystem restoration. By working with natural patterns including water flow and microclimates we can design hyper resilient landscapes that withstand extremes in weather and climate, and mitigate storms and droughts.

Water and food are two of the most basic needs for humans and animals. We design for both of these first- recycling greywater, maximizing rainwater infiltration through soil building practices, and using earthworks to harvest rainwater and planting abundant food systems around these collection points.

Our commitment to sustainable landscaping is genuine and unsurpassed. At SB Organics, we present a multifaceted solution for many of today’s environmental problems.